Adopted in 2015 by 193 countries, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) constitute a universal roadmap, by which we must achieve the green and just transition. A growing number of actors and organizations analyse their activities with regard to the 17 SDGs. In the financial sector, this is particularly the case of more than 500 Public Development Banks, which constitute an important financial lever for the implementation ofthe 2030 Agenda.
Identifying the contributions to the SDGs is essential to assess the distance that separates us from our common objectives.

The solution?

Not all organizations report on their degree of alignment with the SDGs, or they employ disparate methods, which do not provide reliable and comparable results.

At the same time, organizations produce numerous documents whether for reporting needs (activity reports, sustainability reports, strategies,…), during project instruction (project descriptions, ex ante analyses, ex-post evaluations,…), or for communication (press articles, tweets,…). These documents, some of which are available online, provide a mine of information that is little used today.

What is the SDG Prospector?

The SDG Prospector uses deep learning techniques to analyse the information contained in any written document. In a few seconds, the SDG Prospector is able to draw an exhaustive and precise mapping of the SDGs contained in the text. As such, the SDG Prospector allows processing large amounts of data, and providing insights to policy makers and all actors involved in decision-making.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

  • Systematic

    The algorithm analyses the document automatically

  • Efficient

    In just a few seconds

  • Reliable

    Yielding precise results

  • Reproducible

    The methodology is consistent from one document to the other, which reduces the risk of introducing bias in the analysis

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